Promised Ginen Shounen

And here is the chapter I promised yesterday~
We all get sleepy sometimes, so forgive kundy :)
Chapter 5 marks the end of vol 1.
And thanks to our kind donators, we ordered Vol 3 (which goes on sale today), so we're all set on raws.
Hopefully I can get some chapters done again soon.

Now Enjoy~

Chapter 05:
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P.S.: Yes I labeled the Mami chapter wrong. Sorry for that. It is the proloque and therefore chapter 00, but oh well... now you have a wrong named folder... World's not gonna end.


Geese1 said...

Thanks for the release - been looking forward to more of this series!

okc-ok said...

Thanks for the chapter! Enjoying this series.

KaitoKief said...

Thanks for the chapters^^

Farley said...

Thanks! This series is amazing!

kundumstaf said...

i was very tired :3
wont happen again... sorry
/me bows

ishraque66 said...

Thanks alot for this chapter.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Now, after reading it, I'm going to have a heart-rest. ;)


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