Cage of Eden 95

I got more time to read raws now, so I decided to read CoE.

Last chapter, Akira, the monk and the hot fighting chick (yes I'm bad with names) were defending the base again against the kangaroos. In that fight Akira gets knocked out by one kangaroo. But the other two types of animals from before, the tiger and that ostrich thing, come again. All of the animals then fight over the "prey", Akira and Co, with gives them a chance to leave. Back in the base they discuss the stuff with the other and see that they're currently are hunted on by 3 different animals and therefore have to be on high guard. But they still have to take action as they have few food and water. Hikime then volunteers to go to the near river to fetch water. Some random girl offers help too, since Hikime has one arm injured. While these two set off to the river, Akira and Enken discuss Miina's sketchbook. Miina had sketched of various animals in her sketchbook and told Enken's grp about it. Enken wasnt all that keen to believe in that, but after grping up with Akira's grp he had confirmed with Mariya that all of Miina's knowledge was indeed correct. Enken also mentions that he never saw Miina write in her sketchbook before, but it's still filled with all the sketches of the animals. Meanwhile Hikime and the girl reached the river. As the girl starts to fill the bottles a lion appears from the river. Apparently it could swim. They both flee. But only the girl returns to the base. The others ask her what happened and she tells them that Hikime had sacrificed himself to save her. They all set out to find him, but all they find is a big splash of blood with Hikime's shoes and little knife he always carried. They are all devastated by the sight, but Akira brings them to go back to the base as it is too dangerous to stay there. End of chapter.

More soon.
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