No release, but sad news

As I mentioned in posts before, I don't want to edit shit anymore.
Seeing as only one editor applied (and I havent heard back from him) we're dropping a few projects.
And this time it's final.
I'm sick of this all. People complain but never help.
Even if you come to apply now, it's too late.
Now to the projects that are dropped:

Otomari Honey
Hajimete Datteba

We still have one chapter of kanokon in editing, so that will be the final release for it.
There is no room for discussion.
Zetsuen will be dropped too if said cleaner doesnt respond anymore.
If another group wants to pick up any of these projects, feel free to.
My group runs on my translations only, and that won't change. Therefore I'm not hiring translator either.

Good Day

Edit:   Due to some rage war over at mangafox atm with some stupid leecher who can't seem to comprehend the situation, I'm gonna postpone further release until my mood gets better.
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