My Farewell Gift

We never should have touched Nozoki Ana.
This project only brought us pain.

I hereby declare my retirement from nearly all projects.

This will affect:
Immediate drops:

Amagami by Simple Scans
Otoyomegatari by Scantily-Cald
Let's Lagoon by Village Idiots Scans
Frogman by Black Wing
Kanokon by Black Wing
Otomari Honey by Black Wing
Hajime Datteba by Black Wing
Nozoki Ana by Black Wing

Will be dropped after a few chapters: 

Watashi ni XX shinasai by For the Halibut
Sore ga Kanojo no Seigi nara by Maigo
Sankarea by Simple Scans
Zentsuen no Tempest by Black Wing
Kaitaishinsho Zero by Black Wing

Will be finished:

Lost Seven by Black Wing and Scantily-Clad
Attack!! by Black Wing

Depending on my mood:

Kimiiro Focus by Black Wing

Those listed under "will be dropped after a few chapters" mean that I give those groups a chance to find a new translator and still translate 1-2 chapters until then.
Kimiiro is soley depending on my mood if I'll do it when it comes out in jap. If there is a grp who is seriously interested in this. please contact me so that I won't bother with it anymore.
As for all the project listed under "Immediate drop", any scanlator is free to pick these up.

Black Wing from now on will solely concentrate on those listed under "Will be finished".

This all can be backtraced because of this thread:

Nozoki Ana will be dropped by Black Wing and given to XscansX. They will continue the project alone.
We won't be joining on it.

My decision cannot be changed. I'm sick of this all.
I need to concentrate more onto studying now, since I'll be going to Korea in august.
Also, for a long time, it was my desire to translate a light novel, but because of my tons of projects I didn't got the time for it. Hopefully I will now get to it, though I haven't decided which one yet.

There will be a few changes regarding Black Wing.
Our own Online Reader will be abolished, or better let me say not updated anymore.
I will probably make release posts on this blog, but all distribution falls onto IRC. That includes the mediafire links too. Means, if you want the release, get on IRC.
We won't accept any applications. Projects are dropped and over. It's too late now.

As for the release now, it's my farewell gift to you.
The rest of the 5th volume of Nozoki ana.
Chapter 39 and 40 are slobby TSed by me, since on mangafox people apparently don't care about quality.
So why bother with a good TS?
39 and 40 are furthermore labeled as a joint with XscansX since their cleaner let me use his cleans for it.
My own editor went MIA and I'm sick of waiting.

I'm truly sorry that it hurts those leecher who aren't involved with this incident.

Enjoy and Farewell~

Nozoki Ana Chapter 39-45:
Get on IRC || !Ana39-45

People can't seem to read the topic. Last time here's Mediafire.
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