Good Ending 87

I rarely laughed so much over a chapter.
In the last chapter we had Yuki and Seiji go to Yuki's old school, where she had sex with Tooru.
Now Yuki ask Seiji to have sex here with her too. She basically ask him to rape her: "I probably will resist like the last time, but I want you to continue despite that". She also reveals that all the places they had to before on their trip were places she hang out with Tooru. Yuki wanted to replace her memories of Tooru with memories of Seiji. In her opinion, having sex at the school is the only way to advance the relationship, since she noticed the advances from Seiji last night. Seiji refuses to comply to that decision. Yuki then propose that they break up and Seiji goes home in the train alone. End of chapter.

Just fucking hilarious :) Your girlfriend asks you to rape you.... God and I thought GE couldn't get any more stupid after all these sex-attempt-trolls, but I was wrong again. Guess in the next chapter Seiji will drown his sorrow in the lap of the Shou-look-alike.
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