Cage of Eden 97

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With the whole group singing their mood get better. After that Akira is in deep thought. After getting asked what's up, he proposed to launch an attack on the animals themselves, instead of waiting for them. At the moment they still have the stamina, but they're out of food and water. Various methods then get dicussed within the group, like the birds have bad eyes in the night, what actually isn't true. Or surrounding the kangaroo and attacking it, which also falls flat since it can jump 3m. Suddenly the real Miina starts talking about the weakness of the animals. Upon more asking from Akira, she reveals weak spots for all the three types of animals, that are currently a threat to them. Akira asked Mariya to confirm it with his encyclopedia but it has no data. It also seems that Miina has animals drawn in her sketchbook that she hasn't seen before, which leads Akira to the assumption that something is up with her. Based on the facts Miina provided, Akira seemed to have come up with a plan. One that deals with all of the animals at once. And he plans to execute the plan alone. That immediately gets rejected by Rion, who calls him reckless. Akira argues that the other are too injured and a big group would danger the success of the plan. When he gets ready, they suddenly notice that a boy, Murayama, is gone. He was the one in the previous chapter who proposed the idea of sacrificing someone to the animals. They search the whole base, but Murayama is nowhere to be found. Murayama is out in the open with a stick and wants to kill at least one animals, so he can face the others again after his stupid act in the previous chapter. Before the scenery switches back to the base, we see a tiger up on the tree behind Murayama. In the base, Akira is about to go out, when Rion suddenly hugs him. She gives him one of her ribbons and ask him to definitely return it. Then another girl suddenly starts stripping... Unfortunately she wears bloomers. She wants to go with Akira, since it seems the plan needs a fast runner and the girl is/was in the track and field club. They both head out in search for Murayama. End of Chapter.

Cute scene between Akira and Rion. What's more, some bloomer action. What will happen next?
More soon.
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