Cage of Eden 98

Time for the next chapter.
Akira and Tokiwa, the girl, are heading out in search for Hikime. Suddenly they find the birds and tigers fighting each others. Also, nearby they find a bloody uniform. Thinking that the uniform belongs to Hikime and he got eaten already, Akira decides to go on the offensive. Before he said that he had a plan to defeat all 3 animals at once. He now shares his plan with Tokiwa. They both charge at the birds. Based on the weak spots Miina told them, Akira formed a plan. The birds are bad to make turns. So once you dodged one attack of them and got near besides them, you are at the advantage. Like that Akira manages to overpower one bird. Tokiwa attacks the other birds in the same way. The plan then proceeds to the second stage. The tiger might be the strongest hunter, but based on Miina's story, their fangs are easy to detach. While the tiger attack the now weakened birds and have their fangs occupied in crushing the birds, Akira and Tokiwa have time to aim for their fangs. They manage to tear of the fangs of the tiger. Imitated the tigers leave. The birds are also wounded so bad, that they can't move anymore. Then suddenly Hikime appears. While fleeing from the birds he tripped and lost consciousness for a while. But else he is fine. Akira again notices how Miina was all right with her words and that there has to be secret behind that. The three of them head back to the base. When they reach the base, they notice a commotion going on inside. The kangaroos are attacking the base. The chapter ends with a Kangaroo jumping an attack on the two Miinas.
More soon.
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