Cage of Eden 99

99 basically is just one big fight.
Akira and Co got back to the base, just to find it being attacked by the Kangaroos. For a while we see all people getting beat up by the Kangaroos and running around in panic. For example Fake Miina rescues Real Miina, just to have Akira rescue the two after. Rion and Rei are carrying Oomori and her tits shortly flash. Unexpected is also that the girl who seemed to be in love with Hikime, Kirino saves the girl Hikime saved, Takahashi. Her reason is that Takahashi has to treasure the life Hikime sacrificed himself for. Anyway, with everyone screaming and jumping around, Akira once again remembers Miina's words from before. The weakness of the Kangaroos. It has two: It only can advances forward and weights 80kg, so that it can jump 3m. With this info, Akira comes up with a new plan. His previous plan was to let the animals take out each other, but with just the Kangaroos here it doesn't work. Akira grabs a rope and shouts to the others to come running his way, preferable with the Kangaroos right behind them. On a certain place Akira stops and tells the others to jump to the side. The Kangaroos, only capable of going forward, run towards Akira. Upon reaching him with a jump, the pit-fall-trap activates. Akira together with all the Kangaroos falls down. But of course Akira is safe, since he had the rope tied to himself and had entrusted the other end to the Prez. The day is saved.
End of chapter.
More soon.
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