Good Ending 88

Lately I don't like Good Ending. This chapter is yet another proof that the manga is just going downhill.

Seiji got back from the trip. All depressed he goes into his room, just to find a charm he bought with Yuki together. Reminiscing about the time with Yuki he gets even more depressed. The next day Seiji is absent from school. Eri and Co approach Yuki, and cautious ask why Seiji is absent. They purposely avoid the trip as a topic. seeing as Yuki doesn't look all that cheerful. The next day Seiji is absent again. Izumi then calls Seiji's home. His mother gets on the phone and tells Izumi that Seiji hasn't returned home since yesterday night when he went out for a walk. She got a call from him that he would stay over at a friend's house and thought it would be Izumi. We then see the house of the Shou-look-alike girl (forgot her name). In one corner of the room there's Seiji cowering, not saying a single word. The last page is Seiji getting hugged by the girl. End of Chapter.

The plot is just getting stupid. I just hope Seiji gets at least a shot with that new girl.
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