Another Birthday

This time it's a pleasant occasion.

Gal is great help and responsible for Attack!! :)
Let's hope he stays anther year with us :P

Now to party with a "few" releases:

First we go, Lost Seven. The story heats up. Vol 03 is in QC and will most likely follow within this week.

Next we have, Frogman. Remember how I said I wouldn't bother with it? Yeah.... So much for it... But it's a good chapter. The beginning of a friggin long arc, that will last over the whole chapters left in vol 4.

Next is, Attack. It's Gal's project, so of course it must be in the release :)

Also some Kanokon. We're nearing the end. 8 chapters left. Let's see how long it takes us.

And as final, Kimiiro Focus. I said we would be redoing the chapters in tanks and here it is.
Your boobs in HQ.

Luckily I was at my parents over the weekend and could aready upload half the chapters there.
Nevetheless, I still need to add Mediafire and the Reader...
Since my internet is slow, that's gonna take a while.
At the time this is posted, only bot download will be avaible. The other links will slowly follow over the day.

tl/dr: Trying to be smart, huh? Too bad, go back to top and READ!
Don't forget to give Gal your congratulations.

Archknight wanted to get your attention to this:
Click me~
It are some nice photos he took at Anime North.


Lost Seven Volume 02:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Lostv02 || Scantily Clad

Frogman Chapter 34:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Frog34

Attack!! Chapter 11-14:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Attack11-14

Kanokon Chapter 38:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Kanokon38

Kimiiro Focus Vol 04 HQ:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Kimiirov04
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