Blogger problems

So there was this problem with blogger on wednesday, which got all posts deleted which were made after a certain time on wedsnesday and further posting wasn't possible.

And at last we had a chapter of your favorite Kimiiro.
With chapter 23 we're now caught up with the japanese raws.
You have to wait 1 month now for a new chapter.
Chapter 23 is not NSFW, so please be aware of that when you DL it.
The color page in 23 was done by our godly colorist Powha.
Tanks redos are in work, should follow soon.

I could give you an update on our other series, but I'm too lazy now.
Just know that we're working on it.

So onto the links.
Edit: I knew this was coming... The old posts got restored.


Attack!! Chapter 06 Version 2:
Click Here.

Kimiiro Focus Chapter 23:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Kimiiro23
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