And our first steal!

I had been reserving my TLs for Imangascans, but a certain proofreader keeps delaying the project.
Couldn't bear it anymore, so I'm it pulling over to here.
I know we're skipping 11 and 12 atm, but chances are that IMS maybe releases it.
If they don't, we'll go back and release those too.
Fear not. I only started from 13 on, that's why we release like this.
13 was cleaned in a hurry, since I wanted to release it already yesterday.
14 is the usual quality you can expect from us from now on.
It are magazine raws, but I think they aren't so bad.


Kimiiro Focus Chapter 13:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Kimiiro13

Kimiiro Focus Chapter 14:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Kimiiro14
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