Not exactly on time

Took me longer than I wanted....
Anyways, this chapter marks a special occasion.
This chapter made Kimiiro my favorite ecchi series. I liked the series from the moment it was first posted in the IMS Staff channel, then Chapter 12 with Shinobu's appearance made me get hooked on it. And Chapter 18 gave it the final touch. You will understand once you have read it.
As you may know, IMS has dropped Kimiiro. Mostly being the reasons, that I as their planned TL for it fleed the scene. Nevertheless, kudos to IMS for starting it and letting me steal it so fairly. And speaking of fair, (which is the actual 2nd announcement) we're going to be doing a version 2 of the Chapter 13+ releases of Kimiiro with tankoubon raws. Look forward to that.
Like usual my memory fails me... I was sure it were 3 things I wanted to announce....
Can't really pinpoint it anymore, I will just say this instead:
Don't expect more Kimiiro this weekend. I'm trying my best to catch up before the next chapter (23) comes out in japanese, but I also need sometimes a break. Not to mention that I got a ton of other projects...

Mhm, got a real long rant. Ah, right. I feel the IRC is a bit deserted at the moment, so just Bot release for now. I'll add MF once I wake up tmw.


Kimiiro Focus Chapter 18:
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