I was challenged!!

For clarifciation: This is not a war against IMS, just against one of their proofreader.
A Certain Proofreader: Kimiiro raws go to 17. Let's do them. I want to slam it in Prozess' face that we're better. Deal or no deal? [For your information, IMS uses a chinese translator, thats why "raws" up to 17]

Challenged accepted.
Chapter 12 released.
5 chapters ahead of them.
My win I guees?
We learn: Don't challenged me, it's useless.

I didn't want to release this at first, but why let my effort go to waste?
Some other happy news maybe later today, if I have a release ready.
ZnT is still sitting around (And no it's not Zero no Tsukaima; Zetsuen no Tempest got the same initials).


Kimiiro Focus Chapter 12:
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