More Smash!

As you may have noticed, the theme broke and since I let someone else set it up for me (Me having no clue about this), I had no other choice to change it to simething simple again, till I get to speak to my helper again :)
So bear with this layout for a while.
And of course releases won't stop because of this.
Here is the next cute chapter of Smash!
It has Yuuhi action~~~~ <3 <3
Frogman is in QC.
Maybe some more Ginen on the weekend.


Chapter 87:
Mediafire || Deposit Files


narengoku said...

Thank you man.....

Anonymous said...

Thanks. want more and fast.

Farley said...

Yuuhi is so cute. lol

Thanks, man. You`re the best. ;D

Anonymous said...

Hey man. Is chapter 170 of smash is the ending? I really love this manga. So sad. :(

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