Smi Sma Smashu!

I present you the next chapter of Smash!
This time the girl's side of the badminton club~
Also, I had some relocating of staff, so as of now, I'm recruiting 1 Typesetter and Redrawers for Smash!
I'm only recruiting people, experienced in the position, since I have no time to train you.
If you're interested mail me under
There more help I get on Smash!, the more likely are faster releases on other series. (I'm not recruiting any helpers for the other series, I'll continue to do them myself, so better help out on Smash!)


Chapter 89:
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Anonymous said...

I want to help.... but I actually had to stop at one of the groups I was typesetting for. I just don't have that much time anymore. Plus it';s taking me forever to finish the chapters at SazanQuest.

But if your still looking when I have time I'll hit you up.

Great Chapter

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the fast updates.

Rovir said...

i want to help but im not experienced myself. tsktsk. :( that's a big no-no. >.<

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