Future Time!

Here is the promised next chapter of Ginen Shounen *cough*
Yeah, sorry. I'm a bit sly. It's the next chapter, but it's just a special with just 6 pages :)
I'm pretty busy this weekend and weekdays I'm low on motivation cuz of uni T_T
But the next chapter will come soon, just gonna finish up Frogman c20.
A few more comments would be nice too :)
Btw, do you like the new layout? The previous one broke and can't be used anymore T_T
Now go and


Chapter 10.5:
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TheGodfather said...

T'was fun to proof. Hit me up when you need moar help ;3

Anonymous said...

well, a chapter is a chapter even though it has only 6 pages so THANKS FOR THE RELEASE

Enjoying chapter~

Anonymous said...

Now if that didn't pump you up i don't know what will ^^

ishraque66 said...

Thanks alot for the chapter but wish it was a proper full chapter.

The laout is pretty good too.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the chapter, despite the fact it was worse than a filler, but I can't complain since it's free and all. This series seems so promising, but I have yet to see any true tragedy (only drama), unless you want to count when Mirai hooked up with the tennis guy (omg, boo hoo). For some reason, I wanna see Mirai get killed off. Matataki should just get with the girl with the ponytail and quit pining over a girl that has moved on already even after he basically confessed. He's borderline obsessed with her. He needs to move on, or I'm going to hope he does jump or gets pushed off the school roof.
I don't know a single guy who wouldn't have given up on Mirai for the other girl. Even if Mirai left the tennis guy for Matataki, he'd only be her rebound man (the guy to make her ex-boyfriend jealous or to make the girl regain her self confidence). All in all, they're both on the verge of retardation. Whatever though. Maybe I'm just thinking too realistically. I just hope to see some real tragedy soon.

Geese1 said...

Thanks for the chapter (short as it is ;) )!

Oh, and personally I like the new layout; pretty clean and easy to navigate. I think the only thing missing might be preview pictures of the chapters, but that's not a big deal.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the chapter. You sure have some funny followers (see above) "they're both on the verge of retardation..." lol.

Anonymous said...

TYTY. the layout is simple but great. Good Jobs

yealoFTW said...

i thought you said youd find motivation once uni starts? XD

KaitoKief said...

Thanks for the chapter

Rovir said...

@yealoFTW: i think after he went to uni all his motivation got sucked in right off the bat. btw, im not following ginen shounen, but is the girl a bitch??.. how sad. did the girl have feelings for the main or she was just playing or whatever?

Rovir said...

and before i forget!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL OF YOUR RELEASES (esp Smash! and Frogman! xD) you all rock! rock!!!!!!

Nick said...

I started reading this yesterday, and it's such a great manga. Thanks for translating it! Keep up the good work!!!

lynchy said...

Very much enjoying this series,
hoping the next chapter see's some drama with the exchange between the two girls.

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