Truly sad...

Unfortunately nobody cares about the Scanlator's wishes anymore.
Leecher complain day in day out.
Online Reader host horrible resized Images.
And top of it, it's illegal what we do.
The life of a Scanlator is truly sad.

Of course I knew Ginen would be uploaded to Mangafox, and be it just so I would drop Ginen (Yes there are a**holes out there who would do that).
Honestly, I HATE people who complain or abuse us, the scanlators.
Mangafox claims they wouldn't stop hosting series, since the groups are just be after the money they get when people visit their site or DL their links or for fame, but it's Mangafox itself that seeks fame, and with the works of others on top of it!

I could go on this endless, but I better don't.
I posted on Mangafox that I want to have a 7 day wait period on all my releases. I truly hope that will be accepted. Else I'm really gonna drop the projects. As I said on some topic on Mangafox:
I do Scanlation for fun, and things like that rob me of the fun. And without fun there would be no use in continuing it. Mangafox might not care, since my projects are like a drop of water in the sea, but I bet a lot of you would be disappointed to see the projects unfinished.
Anyways I'll continue to watch the situation and do as I see fit then.
And starting with the last release, we got our "own" online reader now. Thanks to n0c0ntr0l from IMS. Without a 7 day wait period just for this one.
At all other Online Reading Site: The 7 days wait period applies to you as well!!
Respect at least this wish of mine.

Okay, I hope I can get you some more releases over the weekend.
For now, just


Chapter 91:
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 P.S: Comment more if you want to help me overcome this crisis. Lots of comments (thanks) make me more motivated.


Pyon said...

Seriously, everyone really seems to be taking scanlating teams for granted. It's not like any of us get paid for what we do; we do it because we want to. If these 13/14 year old fags can't accept that we have other shit to do and that we have rules of our own, they don't deserve to read these series.

Fenriyl said...

Well, just wanted to say, as a fellow Smash! reader, keep up the good work. You have my full support, for what it's worth, and I hope you'll get your way with the online readers' sites ^^.

tisb0b said...

You could always just start watermarking all your pages with the words "FUCK MANGAFOX" and then after seven days provide the non-watermarked copies. It would be a shame to see you stop scanlating this series due to a few idiots.

Anonymous said...

thx for another chapter of smash! and hopefully they'll accept your rules...

Anonymous said...

now you have your own online reader, can you just put your scans in your own online reader? then after 7 days you put back the download link.

thanks for your hard work, and more ginen please. ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks dude

RockVoltnutt said...

Fuck those douche bag who couldn't read the BIG RED WORDS. Stupid kids with there I don't care attitude. Because of them there ruining everything that enjoyable. I wish I had the big stick button on my laptop and beat them to death.

Thank for your hard work, also your hard work is rewarded with my donation coming on the way. =D rejoice.

I can't wait to read the rest of your release.

Anonymous said...

I also thank you for your work, and i think that this watermarking would stop them from using your work or at least they would have to do some work themself before posting.
Keep it up.

narengoku said...

Thank you very much for the chapter...We really appreciate ur work...I hope Mangafox accept ur wishes...

Anonymous said...

Hello, I'm french, and I didn't understand everything you say, but the little I understand revolt me !
I wanted to say that you have all my support and in the same time I also thank you for Smash!'s scanlation (Which no longer exists in French).
Gook luck, and thank you for the great work you do :)

Nightengale said...

It's hard for me to describe my feelings. I've been a (quiet) avid reader of Smash! for a longest time, and I was overjoyed immensely when you picked it up with immense speed, covering my favourite sports-romance drama manga.

Seeing your frustration due to some uncouth individuals with no respect to the efforts of the scanlators is infuriating.

This may just sound like utter selfishness on my part, since all I can offer here are thanks, but I do greatly appreciate all you have done, and wish that you can endure the storm ahead and continue on with your work. ( Chances are there will still be troubles regarding this issue, even with your stance. That's how things work in the internet. )

Silmael said...

Hey thanks for the release and I think you should take some time for yourself.

I did some scanlation a few years ago in France, I know it is a lot of work so don't bother to much about what people might say. I've been coming directly on your site to read your releases for some times so I'll continue, and I'll continue to thank you for your work !

Anonymous said...

For what it's worth, fuck mangafox. Thanks for your hard work, it's makes life so much easier for the rest of us mere mortals, so thank you. I hope they abide by your wishes promptly because I would hate to see such as awesome series get dropped.

Anonymous said...

sorry to hear your troubles buddy, keep your chin up, you know I as well as many others really appreciate the quality and speed of your work, it's incredible. I was thinking, are you happy to simply give it to these sites a week late? or will they take it from your site without permission?

Anonymous said...

Well, since you have your own online reader, I guess you could just not post the download. If the scan sites were all about money they would have the annoying and shitty adds mangafox has. I downloaded noscript again even though I don't need it because of the shitty adds. The only time I use an online reader site is to catch up on missed releases, after that I follow the scan sites because I don't really miss much.

That said, it would be a sad day if you dropped Smash!, Ginen Shounen, and Frogman because to be honest they are three of the four manga I'm following right now. And The Breaker: New Wave doesn't even technically qualify as manga even though manwha sounds like manga ^_^

Anonymous said...

I think somebody forgot who is wearing pants in this large family...

btw. Is there any other way besides project termination?

Thank you for your work!

Uhm, did anyone have the urge to punch Shota? I'm having a constant feeling, that deep deep down in his clueless smilling little heart he is a cheat.

Anonymous said...

I'm truly appreciative of all the hard work scanlation groups such as yourselves put forth.

It's a shame that so many people don't recognize the effort that is put forth, especially when it's such a minor thing scanlation groups ask of us, the readers/leechers.

I hope it won't come to you all having to terminate your projects since that would be a shame for those that do obey the rules.

However, I certainly understand where you are coming from and will support you all regardless of the future outcome.

Keep up the good work. :)

Anonymous said...

same with all the comments above, I highly appreciate your effort in bringing to us all juicy Smash! chapters!

just so you know, I will only wait for download links from Blackwingscans blogspot and not gonna read ahead or whatnot!

I support you!

ScottyS said...

I found it pretty dumb that I saw Ginen on Mangafox once I saw the first page this morning. I support you no matter what you do, since no matter what you have to keep your honor. I would keep it on your own online reader.

All I can do is hope the best for you, and that they follow your wishes.

Perras said...

Thank you for your work on all of your projects, I really appreciate it.

I come on this blog everyday to see if there are any update and was half surprised to see you encountered some problems(misunderstandings?) with that site(because I've seen other scanlator who weren't satisfied of this site, though since I'm ignorant, I don't get it).

Anyway, I was wondering if after posting in their scanlator policies forum you got any satisfying results. It would be good to know if after following what seem to be the proper procedure of this site(unless I'm mistaken) provide any satisfaction. If it doesn't we'll truly know that mangafox cannot be trusted because their benevolent staff doesn't or cannot do what they are expected to do for various reasons unknown(to me at least).

After all, the staff of mangafox is what ensure that the rules are followed on this site and they are not working for money since they are not paid for their hard work for the site, kind of like scanlators. I think they should understand how you feel and you how they feel.

Again, thank you for your benevolent work, I and all your reader should be truly grateful for the time you spend on your charitable work.

Cooltea said...

For what it is worth: thanks for your work! I am grateful for what scanlators do and I realize you do it on your time benevolently.

Keep it up and don't let abusers dishearten you.

Anonymous said...

Agree with tisb0b, or something like that, since I seriously don't think they will heed what you say to them. Anyhow, thanks for the good work. Well if you find it hard to keep on going this time, just take a break. Perhaps after that you will miss scanlation again.

Anonymous said...

I have been reading this series since a long ago and I was extremely happy when u picked it up.

Now, Mondays and Thursdays are two marked days on my week and it's all cuz of you. So, I really support you and wish you can keep bringing us your great work. Thank you !

Anonymous said...

Thank You

Anonymous said...

I read quite a lot of your works, Ginen Shounen, Smash!, Frogman, Kurohime and more possibly. Just want to tell you guys, that i see what you mean by the complaints on the sharing site on Mangafox, your quality is FANTASTIC. The reading experience is just incomparable to Mangafox. Either way, you guys are epically awesome. Good job guys, keep up the good work!

Adrian said...

I can't quite get why those imbeciles would upload to mangafox, I mean they have an online reader staring them at the face. which is by far better than any I've ever seen. Well if this truly is the end of Ginen Shounen, I commend you for your work and can't wait for more of smash and frogman.

Anonymous said...

Hey Thanks for all the release n i am quite fond of your work n all honestly i read on scan sites now since Onemanga is gone. Ya i agree w/ the comments above just don't include the download links until the 7 days passed and just release the online reader + most reader are fine with the online reader that you are using :) well appriated

Anonymous said...

Knowing MF from a scanlator's perspective, you are really lucky if they comply to your 7 day waiting period rule. They didn't even wait 12 hours for my group's releases half the time.

Thank you for scanlating Smash.

Maniac said...

Really, I appreciate your work, thanks a lot for scanning Smash!. I always download your releases, because online readers are... horrible. There is no such thing as a good online reader.

That being said, I really don't see why you care. I would think anyone reading MangaFox knows the quality is downgraded, and if they don't, are they worth your time? It doesn't affect your work at all, and the only reason it's decreasing your "fun" is because you are letting it. As a leecher of manga, it's always annoying to see groups whine and complain that someone is uploading their releases to this site or that site. It's only increasing reader exposure to your work.

If you're worried about the quality, just put a note on one or more of the pages pointing to your site; stating that it can be obtained in full quality from there.

Thanks again for the releases.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your work on all of your projects, I really appreciate it. I just read otomari but i just wanted you to know that. And everything u said is right. mangafox or any other mangareader just die XD.

Anonymous said...

fucking manga fox

Bluemen said...

ProZess Fighting!

Thanks for all of the Smash-ing works of Smash! you have helped spread around.

I hope for the best, to say the least.

Anonymous said...

it isn't easy to solve as u think

i think you already have rule of 12 hours no online
publishing of your scans

mangafox clearly taking advantage of onemanga's close down.

mangafox should give back link to original scanlator's site too
rather than posting a page of credit which most of the people don't see

Anonymous said...

If you really want online readers to wait 7 days just dont post the downloads for 7 days just post a link to your online reader first

Anonymous said...

a new feature on mangafox to tell the truth and its been like that for many months now links back the manga to the scanlators site. check it out. I think you can ask them to put yours too.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your hard work and I hope you get your way in this matter.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your releases, Smash! and Frogman are two of best manga series someone can find out there, it would be trully sad that you dropped all your projects, but I understand your feelings, well anyway, all your hard work until now (and in the future?) is much apreciated.

Grenouille said...

If you stop, they will not care at all... on the contrary, we here really like what you do.

So don't give a f... about what they do, and carry on (or stop) on your own rhythm =)

Just a thing, WE (as in the majority of people here) care about your work, and be truly sad if you stop.
Nothing else matters, IMHO.

(sorry for my bad english, that's not my mother tongue)

Eleksin said...

Well, you could make a partnership with a online reader (or in fact just use the one you have right now) and then just have the chapters go straight to that reader and not even allow for a download. Binktopia scans does this and it has been going pretty good for them. It might not be the best solution but it would work. Also you can prevent the saving of images by messing with some coding and stuff.

Slyweasle said...

Hey Prozess, As you know I'm a faithful supporter and will continue so. All through Open Sesame ,Smash,Ginen Shounen, Frogman, Blue,ect we appreciate all your hard work in all your projects. It has brought much joy to us readers. Without your scanlations we would never be able to read and enjoy these stories. I hope they not stop because of 1 bad apple (manga fox) which is filled with ads/virus/trojans anyway. We definitely needed your online reader here for our own good : ) Thanks IMS !

Dass Jennir said...

Well, i hope you don't drop these series Prozess. But i agree with you manga-reader sites sucks. They are only after $$ :(

Anonymous said...

I will visit the sites of the scanlators of my favorite series but I can't download (various reasons), that's why I depend on the online readers. That being said, I know I'm leeching off the scanlator's good will to read series that aren't available in English. Situations like this is annoying even to those of us who use mangafox. BTW prozess, thanks I don't read much romance, but I do enjoy this series.

Nathan said...

Sorry to hear this. I was actually reading this series on mangafox and saw the Don't Upload to mangafox page (which they included?) and came to this site. I'll read the rest on here! Keep up the good work and don't let them get you down!

Anonymous said...

keep fighting guys, you are the single fighter for this ginen series (i think, never found other scanlator for this)

not like other very popular manga with its mainstream story which has some scanlator

Anonymous said...

Yeah once upon a time I was translating peacemaker for mangacity things were more civil back then with no online readers. Even so there were innumerable arseholes shouting for faster releases and Peacemaker wasn't even popular really. It's the standard penny arcade internet equation.
Internet+Anonymity=Total Fuckwad
I quit pretty swiftly. I have no regret quitting. However if people had just been a little more charitable in their demeanor I wouldn't have felt the need to and my Japanese would be far better for it. Haven't read anything in 5 years in Japanese really I still speak well as I have heaps of friends but I'm borderline illiterate. So I'd strongly encourage anybody who reads this to take a long look at their actions and habits when dealing with scanlation groups. If something's taking too long for your liking maybe you should try doing it yourself while holding down a job like most of them do. See how much time it takes to get something that is not only accurate but doesn't sound out of place this almost always requires a bit of paraphrasing due to language structure to get a proper flow to the dialogue.
The process is incredibly time-consuming. Anyway I've drunkenly rambled long enough and have a flight to catch early tomorrow.
Show your appreciation an anonymous download tells them nothing a visible thank you means much.
Thank you Black Wing
Biblical TLDR: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you
Broblical TLDR: Don't be a dick and say thank you

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