It's already monday over here

Specially early release~
It's nearly 1am here, so I can release it :)
But I'm so sleepy I dun know what to write.
Ah, yeah.
Thanks for the tons of comments. As long as I see so much support, I'll continue providing you with manga :)
So don't stop now even though the case with Mangafox is resolved :P
And yes it is resolved, so let the topic die now.
Reminder: The 7 day wait perioed applies to all projects and to all Online Readers, except our own.
Well okay, leave your comment and then


Chapter 92:
Mediafire || Deposit Files || Read Online

Special Comment Answer Corner:
Since there were a ton of questions in the comments, I'll try answer a few:
To the idea of only providing the download links after 7 days, I don't like this idea, since it would hurt the leechers who rather DL than read online. (I, myself, am such a person)
As for watermarks, I will consider that idea if trouble raises against.
At the present time, no project is dropped.

Hope it clears it up :P


LuCash said...

Thanks for the new early release :D You are a real Pro :)

RockVoltnutt said...

No matter what trouble your going through we will support you all the way cause we believe in you. :)

Thanks for taking the time to release another awesome release. :D

Farley said...

You are awesome, man. Keep up the good work and dont let these stupid guys make you upset.

Anonymous said...

Thank You

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the great work. Lets hope all online readers can respect your wishes. Looking forwards to your next releases.

Anonymous said...

good news
Thank you

Silmael said...

Thanks for the release !

I'm glad that everything was solved and i wish you a happy halloween and a nice week working on our releases :p (and anything else you want of ourse)

Anonymous said...

thx again and good to hear that the problem is resolved at least for now :)

narengoku said...

Its extremely early this time, Thank you very much man...And also Thanks for not dropping the series...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the early release. And the manga is getting interesting.

Perras said...

Thank you for the release and the feedback on the last issue. Happy ending for everyone. ^^

Anonymous said...

Yeah, good news :)
Thank you for the release

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