New Series

I just have to release this now.I worked my butt off for this...
Tanks come out on 06/01/2011, scanned shortly after, obtained at 9m of the 7th. Translation started at 10pm. 2:49am of the 8th, finished editing and now release.
Quite fast if you ask me.
Anyways, about the manga:
It's from the same Author of Smash!, Saki Kaori-sama!!!
Hajimete Datteba!
It's seinen and rated mature. Consider this if you DL it.
It's a really fantastic story, and as you would expect of Saki-sama it has badminton in it :)
If you wonder about the cleans: Bad raws+speed editing+lazy editor=seen result.
It's readable imo though.
Guess there won't be a release tmw.
Nothing is even near of being done :)
See you next week with more release?^^


Hajimete Datteba! Chapter 01:
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